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We operate @cosme, Japan's number one integrated cosmetics/beauty site, and operate fee-based BtoC services. In addition, we offer advertising services and SaaS marketing support for cosmetics brands, among other services.

Main services

@cosme, an integrated cosmetics/beauty site

This integrated cosmetics/beauty site is Japan's largest, and features a database of over 340,000 cosmetics products from 39,000 global brands, with post search functionality and news on the latest products.
This service is used in some fashion every month by half of Japanese women in their 20s-30s. Since opening in 1999, registered users, posts, and pageviews have continued to steadily grow, reaching a cumulative 15.8M posts.

image diagram:@cosme=product info/review/ranking/news/blog/Q&A
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Brand Official

Using @cosme's database for brands' marketing efforts allows for effectively and efficiently engaging with consumers through the platform.

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