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Using @cosme data, we operate @cosme shopping, Japan's leading Online Retail (E-commerce) cosmetics destination, and @cosme store, Japan's leading specialty cosmetics store, among other initiatives.
By actively entering the Online Retail (E-commerce) and brick-and-mortar space, and drawing on data from our experience in the retail segment, we have built these insights back into our platform to make @cosme more robust and feature-rich.

Main services

@cosme SHOPPING, our Official online shop

@cosme shopping opened in 2002 as an Online Retail (E-commerce) destination in which consumers can find the products they truly seek. Using the @cosme database, we have carried since its opening everything from popular drugstore products to big-name department store brands, cutting across distribution channels for a wide lineup. Following an update in 2015, the number of brands and products carried has now made it the largest Japanese cosmetics Online Retail (E-commerce) destination.

photo:@cosme SHOPPING screen image

@cosme STORE, a cosmetics specialty shop

@cosme store is a cosmetics specialty shop that offers opportunities to try and discover life-changing cosmetics products. Using the @cosme database, we curate a selection of products that consumers truly seek. These range from products costing a few hundred JPY to several tens of thousands of JPY, cutting across different distribution channels for a wide lineup.
The first @cosme store location, which opened in 2007 at Lumine EST, has the highest revenue of its kind in Japan, as well as the highest ratio of productivity and sales per unit of showfloor space. Looking at revenue across the chain, it has the largest number of locations for a cosmetics retail chain 24 (as of June 2020), and the highest revenue 9.6B JPY (as of quarter ending June 2020).Furthermore, in January 2020, we opened the flagship shop "@cosme TOKYO", which is the first roadside store and the entrance to the @cosme platform, in front of JR Harajuku Station in Tokyo. With a sales floor area of about 1322 ㎡, about 600 brands, and 25,000 products, it is one of the largest cosmetics specialty stores in Japan.

@cosme STORE[NEWoman Yokohama]         Flagship Store:@cosme TOKYO