Business Concept

Our Story

istyle was founded in 1999, a time when the concept of "big data" hardly existed. Still, we took an early interest in data and its uses, eventually launching @cosme as a site dedicated to reviews of cosmetic products. Over the last 21 years, we have built up a database that allows us to comprehensively analyze consumer behavior.

From the left President and Chief Executive Officer:Tetsuro Yoshimatsu,
Director and Chief Financial Officer:Kei Sugawara, Director:Meyumi Yamada

Using this database, @cosme has evolved into a universal marketing platform for the cosmetics industry. We have created a globally unique business model in which we fuse media, online retail, and brick-and-mortar shops into one unified ecosystem.

Going forward, we intend to actively expand both in Japan and overseas, moving beyond cosmetics to connect all people, places, experiences, and things related to the wider beauty space.
Our vision is the creation of a market that places consumers at the center, and our mission is to make this vision a reality.

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istyle in 5 Key Concepts

istyle as a company can be broadly understood through the five concepts below.