The philosophy refers to our significance of existence and what we aim for as a company. We will also introduce the common values that all our staff gathered at istyle value in order to achieve our vision.

Who we are


The istyle Group is a company that looks to the future from the consumer's perspective, designing the very nature of the market itself.


Creating Consumer-Centered Markets

We aim to create a consumer-centric market by understanding the ideal future from a consumer's perspective and creating a virtuous cycle with all stakeholders.


To update the world of beauty while bringing happiness to many

We create happy encounters between consumers and all kinds of beauty-related products, services, and people in many ways that adapt to changes in people's lives, values, and technology.


A Spirit of Co-Creation

Creating a consumer-centric market means continuing to endorse and confront the complexity and diversity of society. We respect each other and the spirit of co-creation as a value shared by all, in which all of us proactively ponder and craft the ideal future together.


To create a consumer-centric market and to be a company that continues to create optimal systems and new values (=style) for the market, each and every employee is guided by the “7i,” which consists of seven words starting with “i.”