istyle is pursuing the globalization of the @cosme platform through the use of a Global Master Database, which contains a wealth of information on cosmetics and beauty products and services from around the world. We are building out our business model not just for Japan, but globally. Thus far, we have expanded throughout East Asia and North America, and we are driving awareness of the @cosme brand and securing a position in the market. For the fiscal quarter ending June 2020, our overseas revenue accounted for 20% of total revenue (6.17 JPY).

Global One Databaseから@cosme Global App We are developing a global app that would allow users around the world to use a single, unified ID to access @cosme content (global cosmetics reviews, beauty data, et cetera) in their language of choice.

Main services

The overseas expansion of the beauty portal site "@cosme"

We are developing the beauty portal site "@cosme" in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Borderless Online Retail (E-commerce) -- flagship overseas store

In 2015, we opened a shop on Tmall Global, the B-to-C online shopping mall operated by Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China's largest e-tailer. Although an Online Retail (E-commerce) destination, it goes beyond sales of products and offers expertise from @cosme, as well as product trial workshops for local users, and a wealth of other content built around our data, with rankings and other forms of user engagement. Today, we have 1.5M followers (as of 2021) in the cosmetics category on Tmall Global, indicating a strong base of growing support.
In 2018, we were recognized with an award for the most influential word-of-mouth rankings used by the approximately 100M active daily female users of Tmall when shopping online.

photo:「an award for the most influential word-of-mouth rankings in2018」recognized

Asian expansion of @cosme store

As with @cosme store locations in Japan, these destinations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand act as cosmetics specialty shops focused on trying and discovering life-changing cosmetics.

photo:@cosme STORE shopimage1
photo:@cosme STORE shopimage2

Supporting the overseas launch of Japanese cosmetics products and beauty services

We assist in the export of cosmetics, such as those that are popular on @cosme, helping Japanese brands make inroads overseas. In just four quarters since its creation, this venture has reached revenue of 4B JPY.